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Menaha Malik

25 posts

Currently an 8th Grader, Menaha has been at AES for 8 years, having lived in the Bay Area before Delhi. Menaha enjoys playing soccer against her atrocious siblings, reading both narratives and news, and has increased her liking for writing and technology because of The Direct Message. Glad to be a member of The Direct Message for a second semester, Menaha hopes to contribute to the team as much as possible and try many new things.


24 posts

Currently in 8th grade| Part of The DM team of 2018| Volleyball Player| Footballer|


21 posts

Lived all her life in Delhi, Harshita now attends her third year at AES. Currently an 8th grader, she loves to help in setting up and doing behind the scenes work.


17 posts

Tomas is a 7th grader from the direct message. He lived in United States for 7 years, lived in Colombia for 4 years and now it is his first year in India. He likes to play soccer and enjoys trekking and surfing. He plays the piano and drums. Tomas is very excited to be part of the direct message.

Rahul B.

16 posts

Rahul has been in AES for 8 years, and is currently an 8th grader. He was born in Houston, Texas and has lived there for five years. Rahul is excited, and proud to be a part of the Direct Message team.


14 posts

Campbell is attending her first year at AES and is really excited. She enjoys reading and writing and is enthusiastic about the journalism club.

Amaya Malik

14 posts

Currently a 7th grader in AES. This is Amaya's 6th year at AES, and she likes to play soccer and be outdoors. Amaya is proud to be part of the DM team.

JinYoung Jung

13 posts

JinYoung Jung is an 8th grader at the American Embassy School in New Delhi, India. She is a member of The Direct Message team.


13 posts

Currently an 8th grader. This is Sora's 4th year st AES. He enjoys playing basketball and table tennis. He also plays the Flute. Sora lived in Japan for 5 years, lived in Singapore for 3 years and lived in India for 5 years. Sora is happy to be in the direct message team.

Isaac Currey

11 posts

Proud advisor of The Direct Message and grade 8 Humanities teacher, Isaac loves helping students become curious about the world around them.

Mazon Nicholas

11 posts

Nicholas is 14, its his first year at AES, he is a swimmer and he is one of the anchors in "News in 90"

Sagar Castleman

9 posts

Born and brought up in Washington D.C., Sagar is now attending his third year at the American Embassy school, New Delhi. He enjoys reading and playing sports.

Jaden Cilliers

9 posts

Just another addition to the Direct Message. An eighth grader at the American Embassy School. Helping write and film content for the team.

Satvik Shubham

9 posts

Satvik is in 8th grade, in his free time he plays football/soccer. He has been at AES since mid-September

Camila Sotomayor

8 posts

Camila, a girl who is currently experiencing 7th grade at AES, loves to spend her free time hanging out with her friends. She has lived in India for 4 years in India and has been at AES since 5th grade she is now involved on The DM team and is exited to write many new and citing articles.


8 posts

Part of the 2018 DM team, loves to read, play soccer, and have fun.


8 posts

Just another 8th grader on The Direct Message team, who loves singing, playing piano, and writing and editing posts for the Direct Message.

Yubin Cho

7 posts

Currently a 7th grader at AES, this is Yubin's fifth year in India and at this school. She loves reading and is very excited to be on the DM Team.

Mehak Singh

7 posts

In Mehak's free time she paints. She is 14 years old. Badminton is her favorite sports and hockey coming second. She likes reading mystery books as it makes her curious along the way. It has been 8 months since she came to AES.

Dan Militaru

7 posts

7th grader. Best table tennis player in his grade. Video games all day long. 🎮🥇🏓⚽️


7 posts

I am a member of "The Direct Message." I'm a new 8th graders at AES, and am happy to be a part of the DM


6 posts

8th grader who loves to play football, volleyball, badminton. Part of the DM team


6 posts

JeongHun is currently an 8th grader and part of the DM team. 2017-18 is his 4th year at AES. He likes to play games and solving rubik's cube. He was born in Seoul, South Korea and he first moved to India at age of 9.

Mackenzie Mary

5 posts

Austrialan | (she/them) | Hufflepuff | Cancer sun | Libra moon | Leo rising | Self taught artist/animator | Tired |

SunWoo Hwang

5 posts

On the Direct Message team, Sunwoo Hwang loves to play soccer and games. He is a 7th grader and this is his second year at AES.


3 posts

Jaehyung likes to play soccer, play games and his in 7th grade. He is member of The direct message. And it's 2nd year in AES.

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