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News in 90 S3 EP2

In this episode of News in 90 season 3, we cover stories from MS Social, Tide Pods, Eddie in some crazy hair, ASIAC Volleyball & Tennis and MESAC!  

News in 90 Season 3 Premier

In this episode of News in 90, we cover Super Saturday, Logan Paul, The POP Project and Croissant Day!

WOW 8!!!

Did you enjoy “Week Without Walls?” I made a video of WOW 8! Check it out and don’t forget to subscribe our channel.

What do m&m’s, chopsticks and Sora have in common, watch the video to find out!

What do m&m’s, chopsticks and Sora have in common, watch the video to find out!

A Night (Video) at the Beach

DJ Ronan & DJ Arjun D. kicked off the Middle School Social Season of 2017-2018. Because of ASIAC, students from the American International School Chennai & American School Bombay came to the MS Social. It was truly a Night at… Continue Reading →

MAP Interviews 2k17!

Want to know what AES students think about MAP testing? Watch the video to find out.

News in 90 episode 2.1

You have been waiting for it…the season premiere of season 2 of News in 90. We have a new team this semester and are excited to share whats happening in the news with you. Let us know what you think… Continue Reading →

News in 90 Episode 5 . . . Season Finale

News in 90 episode 4

Friday Night Lights, Towel Thief, and Aladdin!

MS Dance Crew: Never Give Up by Sia

The Middle School Dance Crew started working on choreographing a dance to the hit song from Lion by Sia months ago when they approached The Direct Message about a possible collaboration. There was a lot of hard work from everyone involved… Continue Reading →

News in 90 episode #3 out now!

News in 90 episode #3 out now! from Instagram:

Meet Ms. Gamette!

Meet Ms. Dunmire!

Ms. Dunmire and Ms. Gamette – A Brief Introduction

Check back later today for the FULL interview with Ms. Dunmire. The Direct Message will publish our sit-down with Ms. Gamette on Friday. Make sure you check your DM.

Mackenzie and Neha talk about Hamilton!

Mackenzie and Neha talk about the Hamilton musical- and it is hillarious! Animation on Hamilton created by Mackenzie is coming soon on the Direct message blog. Make sure you check it out!

Overwatch Game Review

Overwatch was the best game in 2016. This game genre is Hyper FPS (FPS: First Person Shooter and tactical based shooter game). Overwatch was made by Blizzard Entertainment. Overwatch can be played on console, or PC, but just to let… Continue Reading →

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News in 90 episode 1

Introducing The Maker Space

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