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Spirit Week

Spirit Week Finale: Team Day

This morning at the middle school, 6th graders to 8th graders showed their AES spirit by showing their support of an athlete or team. When the students got to their lockers, the spirit was evident as almost everyone was wearing… Continue Reading →

Spirit Week: Character Day!

Character Day! When I first walked into the rock garden, there were only few people at the photo booth…I was worried that AES might not have the spirit.  But as time went on, all the people who dressed up began… Continue Reading →

Twin day: Bracelets in the Makerspace

TWIN DAY! As I walked into the makerspace, ready to make some bracelets, I was welcomed with the warm sound of laughter and cheerful faces. The makerspace was filled with twins and non twins alike, some were helping their friends,… Continue Reading →

Spirit Week: Pajama Day!

The week has finally come. Spirit week. And kicking it off is PJ day, in which people wake up, brush their teeth, eat breakfast, and then go to school. All without even changing. “I think that PJ day is fun… Continue Reading →

Black And Gold Day – The Start Of Spirit Week

Black and gold day started out with the parade of the teams that are playing the ASIAC tournament. There was a group of dancers and musicians leading the parade followed by Mr. and Ms. T, our Mascots, and behind them,… Continue Reading →

ASIAC Football!

As the students from Chennai and Bombay made their way along the parade route from the Peace Garden to the Tiger Turf, the crowd cheered to recognized the start of the first ASIAC tournament of the year. But as the American… Continue Reading →

Spirit Week Starts Friday! #Spirit #Aesmiddleschool #awesome

This Friday and next week is Spirit Week! Show your Tiger Spirit by participating in the dress up days and lunchtime activities.

Team Spirit: Sports Team Spirit

Today was the third day of Spirit week: and it was awesome! The theme of today was Sports day, and many students, teachers and faculty members dressed up representing their favorite sports team. Not all people participated, but some of… Continue Reading →

Opposite Day: A Variety of Opposites

On Tuesday, March 21, the MS students and faculty dressed up and acted for Opposite Day. Opposite day consisted of a great variety of creative opposites: teachers dressed as students (slides, funky socks, un-combed hair, saggy jeans, juice-spilled jackets), students… Continue Reading →

Pajama day!

As you all might know, Pajama Day was today. The spirit was evident from all the PJs. It seemed like the whole middle school and faculty were wearing their pajamas to school. Today at lunch there was the “Red Carpet”… Continue Reading →

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