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New in 90 S3 Last Episode

In this episode, we cover about ASIAC basketball & swimming, MS Talent Show, Moving Up Ceremony and more. As end of school is coming closer, this is the final episode of the season.

Cricket Pick-it Challenge Winner!

The DM Cricket Pick-it Challenge is finally over and we have a winner! Congratulations to 8th grader Ian! He had a stunning 5 point streak with 28 points in total! He was 23 points ahead of Ananya B. who finished… Continue Reading →

Minute By Minute Review of the 2018 Talent Show

11:15 Start   Act 1:   Nicholas: Seungyoon and Advay are starting the talent show strong! Eduard: Very enthusiastic. I like how seungyoon said that nba was baseball and fortnite is Nintendo. Nicholas: Now we have JaeHun playing despacito! That… Continue Reading →

Exit Interviews: Mrs. Nicola Takizawa

It is the end of the school year which means that we will soon have to say goodbye to a few of our favorite teachers. This year, 7 middle school teachers are leaving and over the next 10 school days,… Continue Reading →

Humans of Middle School: Daanish

“I started playing basketball at the start of Grade 8. I was introduced to this sport by my friends. They encouraged me to play with them but I didn’t feel like it at first. As I got used to it,… Continue Reading →

Double Dub for AES!

The ASIAC 2018 tennis tournament was hosted by the American School of Bombay. Sweat pours out of our perseverant players while they were fighting for each point. Watching our tennis players represent our school and chase for every ball is… Continue Reading →

News in 90 S3 EP2

In this episode of News in 90 season 3, we cover stories from MS Social, Tide Pods, Eddie in some crazy hair, ASIAC Volleyball & Tennis and MESAC!  

Harry Potter Day

By Yubin and Camila The snitch was flying through the air, the seeker jumped into the air and stretched out his arms. BAM!! “Thirty points for Slytherin!” Lily commented loudly. The Slytherin crowd burst into cheers. The Gryffindors moaned, then… Continue Reading →

The Making of Shrek, The Musical

Woah! Shrek, The Musical is a month and a half away and you might be wondering what is taking so long.  Well, there is so much work that must be done to make the show great. It would be so… Continue Reading →

News in 90 Season 3 Premier

In this episode of News in 90, we cover Super Saturday, Logan Paul, The POP Project and Croissant Day!

Who is Indira Gandhi to You?

By Camila and Yubin A Positive or Negative Leader? The excited 7th graders couldn’t keep quiet as they entered through the security gates and into the museum. “Okay, my humanities class line up here!” yelled Mrs. Al Moreno through the… Continue Reading →

And now they “Leave to Serve”

Going to an international school has it’s perks, but constantly saying goodbye to your friends is not one of them. Unfortunately, several of our friends are leaving AES at Christmas. The Direct Message asked these students about their time in… Continue Reading →

News in 90 S2 E4-Finale

News in 90 finale! Rahul singing Moana, and Sora talking about exploding eggs, see it here at the season 2 News in 90 finale!

Leadership Seminar!

Last Saturday was the second leadership seminar in 2017-2018. We learned about what servant leadership means. After Mr. Webster explained what it means, we swap shoes and asked each other questions to know better. Then we had a table challenge… Continue Reading →

Shanti Concert

Last Thursday, AES opened its doors for the Shanti Concert where many of students played their instruments and sang in the choir. The evening had many different kinds of music such as YMCA and a Lady Gaga hit mix. One… Continue Reading →

Spirit Week: Pajama Day!

The week has finally come. Spirit week. And kicking it off is PJ day, in which people wake up, brush their teeth, eat breakfast, and then go to school. All without even changing. “I think that PJ day is fun… Continue Reading →

ASIAC Football!

As the students from Chennai and Bombay made their way along the parade route from the Peace Garden to the Tiger Turf, the crowd cheered to recognized the start of the first ASIAC tournament of the year. But as the American… Continue Reading →

News in 90 se2 ep3

Here it is Season 2, episode 3. Longest top fade, MAP, Spirit week, ASIAC, Student Parent teacher conferences, Peace week!

Mesac or WOW: Do I Have To Choose?

Ask any 8th grader, and they will tell you that WOW is the best week of the year. For most, there is almost nothing that would get in the way of going on that trip. MESAC, however, isn’t nothing. This… Continue Reading →

Are Wednesday’s Wasted?

Ever found yourself staring at the clock at the end of the day, waiting for it to turn to 3:35. The time is 3:33 and your feet are tapping rapidly waiting for the bell. Your teacher’s voice is droning on,… Continue Reading →

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