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Track & Field

P.E., maybe your favorite class. If possible, it just got better!! Two weeks ago we started our new unit, Track & Field. This sport fits anyone, you can be a runner, jumper or have a lot of arm strength and… Continue Reading →

Harry Potter Day

By Yubin and Camila The snitch was flying through the air, the seeker jumped into the air and stretched out his arms. BAM!! “Thirty points for Slytherin!” Lily commented loudly. The Slytherin crowd burst into cheers. The Gryffindors moaned, then… Continue Reading →

Pe Unit Parkour/Gymnastics

A few weeks ago my P.E. class started our Parkour and Gymnastics unit. At first I thought that I would hate this unit because I didn’t like Gymnastics. I thought that they were similar and that i wouldn’t like Parkour… Continue Reading →

Missing Towels: Are you the Towel Thief?

Recently the locker room staff has complained that the towels are going missing every month. Every month the towels are decreasing because some students are taking them and not returning them. Why would you steal towels from the locker room?… Continue Reading →

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