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Humans of Middle School: Daanish

“I started playing basketball at the start of Grade 8. I was introduced to this sport by my friends. They encouraged me to play with them but I didn’t feel like it at first. As I got used to it,… Continue Reading →

International Women’s Day : Women push for change

March 8 is usually known as International Women’s Day. This year was was a little different. Women from all around the world showed up in the streets protesting against gender inequalities. The movement started in Spain in the morning when… Continue Reading →

Think Again, Fellow Middle Schoolers

Look around you, fellow Middle Schoolers. What do you notice? Other than the difference in lighting and the smell of new paint – signs of change and renovation. Not the new additions to the kiosks, however delicious they are (those… Continue Reading →

News in 90 Season 3 Premier

In this episode of News in 90, we cover Super Saturday, Logan Paul, The POP Project and Croissant Day!

They Come with a ‘BOOM!’

‘BOOM!’ There’s a rattle with the impact of Hulk landing on the ground. Except it isn’t a superhuman. It’s… A Trend. Fidget spinners, hoverboards (unfortunately, not the ones on Subway Surfers. That’d be awesome though. Wait a minute… Subway Surfers… Continue Reading →

Assembly: Student Embarrassment?

As a new student, maybe it was my imagination, but today it seemed that the assembly was an embarrassment — the attention was not given to the teachers and the behaviour was unlike anything the middle school teachers have seen… Continue Reading →

Are Wednesday’s Wasted?

Ever found yourself staring at the clock at the end of the day, waiting for it to turn to 3:35. The time is 3:33 and your feet are tapping rapidly waiting for the bell. Your teacher’s voice is droning on,… Continue Reading →

Autism Acceptance Month

April was Autism Acceptance month! I’m here to tell you some basic facts to hopefully grow your knowledge! Keep in mind that Autism is a different ability, not a disability. First, it is important to understand that autism comes in… Continue Reading →

Friday Night Lights: Can someone help me?

Friday Night Lights was held on- you guessed it: Friday. While you may be that smart to figure that out, I had a hard time understanding what was going on. After all, it was the first time I had been… Continue Reading →

8th Graders: Too Cool to Social?

The most recent social was Oscar-themed and well-planned. However, there was a problem, one that has been occurring for years now: the absence of eighth graders. Although that could be blamed on the volleyball and tennis tournaments that had many… Continue Reading →

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