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Busy Weekend at MESAC

By Dan Militaru and Satvik Shubham Last weekend, the MESAC JV Baseball and Softball tournament was hosted at AES. Most Friday classes were allowed to go to the Tiger Turf to witness the girls softball matches. With all the players and… Continue Reading →

News in 90 S3 EP2

In this episode of News in 90 season 3, we cover stories from MS Social, Tide Pods, Eddie in some crazy hair, ASIAC Volleyball & Tennis and MESAC!  

Humans of Middle School: Ronan

“I recently just participated in the MESAC J.V Basketball tournament in Muscat, Oman. Our team finished in 5th place after the tournament and if I had the power of going back in time to fix my mistakes I would have told… Continue Reading →

MESAC JV Girl’s Soccer: The “Underdogs”

A midfielder from Dubai American Academy sprints down the sideline, barely losing possession as she nimbly makes her way towards the opposing half. She gives a hard pass in front of a striker, who’s around 5 yards away from the… Continue Reading →

MESAC Streaming

There a several middle school students taking part in the MESAC tournaments this weekend. Find the streaming links below. MESAC J.V Soccer at ACS ACS will be live streaming the games at ACS Campus. No coverage of the games at… Continue Reading →

Humans of Middle School: Tanush Soni!

How do you balance out MESAC tennis, and ASIAC? I do Asiac on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s and Saturday’s, and Mesac on Monday Wednesday Friday, and Saturday. On weekdays, I reach home after 7 everyday. It’s a busy schedule, but I… Continue Reading →

Mesac or WOW: Do I Have To Choose?

Ask any 8th grader, and they will tell you that WOW is the best week of the year. For most, there is almost nothing that would get in the way of going on that trip. MESAC, however, isn’t nothing. This… Continue Reading →

Investigation: The Case of the ASIAC Drop Outs

This is a very serious matter, and it’s now turned into a case to investigate: The Case of the ASIAC Drop Outs. What is this very serious investigation? It occurs in almost ALL ASIAC sports every season. Every first practice, kids of different… Continue Reading →

Friday Night Lights: Just a Tiny Bit Awkward.

So Friday Night Lights was last Friday on the 7th of April, and it was really amazing, yet really awkward (at least for this reporter). It was my first Friday Night Lights ever, and the best part is I got… Continue Reading →

Friday Night Lights: Can someone help me?

Friday Night Lights was held on- you guessed it: Friday. While you may be that smart to figure that out, I had a hard time understanding what was going on. After all, it was the first time I had been… Continue Reading →

MESAC Wreslting

The wrestling team awoke early Thursday morning to the sound of alarms in their own houses. The reason was that today was the day they would be flying to Abu Dhabi for their MESAC invitational tournament. As they drove on… Continue Reading →

Gold in Action: The Next Generation

Honoring the Middle Schooler’s on MESAC February 2nd – 5th, 2017 Who are they and What are they made of? Photo Credits: Isaac Currey, Jennifer Eliot and the AISC Photographers MESAC Girl’s Soccer: Charlotte “Charlie” Rustum: Already proving herself vengeful… Continue Reading →

Eighth Grade MESAC Takeover!

Eighth graders playing in girl’s MESAC basketball at DAA. Go Tigers! from Instagram:

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