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Humans of Middle School

Humans of Middle School: Minjae

“It was very enjoyable, because there were lots of activities for us to do. For example, PoP project was difficult, but on the other hand, I could felt sense of accomplishment. Also I could work with people who had same… Continue Reading →

Humans of Middle School: Rohan

“I love to play hockey, I’ve been playing since I was around 5. My Canadian descent really influenced by enjoyment of hockey in general. I have so many memorable moments regarding playing hockey with my friends.”

Humans of Middle School: Sarah

“I am moving to Korea after living 4 years in India and attending AES. I am very excited to go to Korea because I will get to eat Korean food and buy lots of stationary and clothes. I am also… Continue Reading →

Humans of Middle School: Sarah

  “In my free time I like to read and sometimes play basketball with my dad in our front yard. I participated in ASIAC because my mom made the team when she was in high school. She felt that I… Continue Reading →

Humans of Middle School: Shiv

“I have being doing art for the past 11 years and in my opinion it allows me to be more creative, and any mistakes are considered fun and something new, and because I am learning piano most of my pieces… Continue Reading →

Humans of Middle School: Daanish

“I started playing basketball at the start of Grade 8. I was introduced to this sport by my friends. They encouraged me to play with them but I didn’t feel like it at first. As I got used to it,… Continue Reading →

Humans of Middle School: Rahul

“My passions are cricket and math. I go to a place near AES, called Jesus and Mary college, and play cricket there every Monday and Saturday. About math, every day after I come home I do math with my dad… Continue Reading →

Humans of Middle School: Ofir

“I’m sweating in here, happily there is a fan in this costume, unfortunately it’s just occupying space since it’s broken. Oh well I may be sweating but it pays off to be able to cheer all day and miss some… Continue Reading →

Humans of Middle School: Beatrice

“Harry is Awesome, Hermione is Better, but Luna is Best – my haiku that signifies my love for Harry Potter (especially Luna!)”

Humans of Middle School: Giri

“Football is my passion, and it is what I like doing the most. Every time I step on the pitch, I feel alive. I have played this sport since I was 5, and throughout all these years it has developed… Continue Reading →

Humans of Middle School : Yaroslav

Everyday after school I go home, take a break, eat and watch YouTube. After, I solve the rubik’s cube but I also have to do some Russian homework. Each time after dinner I learn new algorithms and I become better… Continue Reading →

Humans of Middle School: Junghwan

“It was very fun spending time with my friends and playing volleyball with people I don’t know. Although it was very awkward playing with other people, we all played good and respected each other by playing with good sportsmanship. My… Continue Reading →

Humans of Middle School: Will

“Ever since I was a small child, I’ve always loved playing games; board games, video games, etc. When I was around 5 years old, the first DS came out, which is also coincidentally when I started getting into video games…. Continue Reading →

Humans of Middle School: Sophie

  “From what I recall, I have always enjoyed singing and sang for fun all the time. I started focusing on singing on the third grade. I like to sing everywhere and at any time. I mostly like to sing… Continue Reading →

Humans of Middle School: Yumin

“I like to talk and text with my friends, listen to music, and dance to the music I listen to in my free time. I listen and dance to all kinds of music, but I prefer pop music, and k-pop… Continue Reading →

Humans of Middle School: Ronan

“I recently just participated in the MESAC J.V Basketball tournament in Muscat, Oman. Our team finished in 5th place after the tournament and if I had the power of going back in time to fix my mistakes I would have told… Continue Reading →

Humans of Middle School: Kynaan

“In my free time, I watch ‘The Big Bang theory’, because the comedy is great. My favourite movies are ‘The Rambo Series’. I like reading and shooting firearms, it definitely can be interesting (for me). Plus, it also trains you… Continue Reading →

Humans Of Middle School: Carrie

  ”My favorite TV series’ are Breaking Bad because it’s amazing and the directing-slash-acting is awesome, and Saturday Night Live because it’s daring comedy and the impressions of politicians are hilarious. In my free time I read, listen to music and… Continue Reading →

Humans of Middle School: Fareed

“I usually stay up late watching movies. Then I remember I have homework, so I call a friend around 12 hoping he will pick up.”

Humans of Middle School: Kiran

“TV! I enjoy watching ‘Riverdale’ and hilarious comedy shows like ‘That 70’s Show’. I also spend time with family by playing badminton, playing this new 2017 video game I got which is super fun, and playing with my cats! Not… Continue Reading →

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