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Old memes, gold memes

MEMES are one of the most popular kind of pictures that became viral since 1940 when the first meme was made. But what’s the history of them? What’s the history behind all these brilliant pictures that became so popular around… Continue Reading →

Holi Madness

Saturday, February 24th, hundreds of families eagerly waited for the clock to strike 1PM, most wearing sparkly white clothes so they could lay their hands on the coloured powder. Long queues snaked around for the ticket line. Luckily I had… Continue Reading →

Who is Indira Gandhi to You?

By Camila and Yubin A Positive or Negative Leader? The excited 7th graders couldn’t keep quiet as they entered through the security gates and into the museum. “Okay, my humanities class line up here!” yelled Mrs. Al Moreno through the… Continue Reading →

George Washington, a really quick life story.

(Please note that everything may not be historically accurate as most of it is Broadway and Wikipedia) Also the songs linked may have swears the only one I’m worried about is here comes the president but ehh. The 22 of… Continue Reading →

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