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New in 90 S3 Last Episode

In this episode, we cover about ASIAC basketball & swimming, MS Talent Show, Moving Up Ceremony and more. As end of school is coming closer, this is the final episode of the season.

Exit Interviews: Ms. Sharon Rogers

It is the end of the school year which means that we will soon have to say goodbye to a few of our favorite teachers. This year, 7 middle school teachers are leaving and over the next 7 school days,… Continue Reading →

Cricket Pick-it Challenge (Week 3 Friday Special!)

The Direct Message has stepped the game up in this week’s Cricket Pick-it Challenge! We finally have a prize for the Cricket Pick-it winner! Make sure to vote today’s game by 8 PM (IST)   Match 34: Kings XI Punjab… Continue Reading →

The DM Cricket Pick-it Challenge (Week 2)

As we head into the second week of the exciting cricket pick-it challenge, here is the game for this week! Match 24: Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) vs Chennai Super Kings (CSK) Link to the standings Vote below now! Loading…

Tottenham’s First Win at Stamford Bridge in 28 Years!

April 1st 2018, the Premier League’s most hyped up match of the week. Tottenham Hotspur F.C. vs Chelsea F.C. took place at Chelsea’s home ground, Stamford Bridge, in London. Pictures of players training from both teams circled around the internet… Continue Reading →

Current Events: Should gun control be implemented in the U.S?

17 killed in Parkland, 58 killed in Las Vegas, 10 killed in Oregon. Certain guns should be banned from being sold in the US. Although this may cause a massive uproar, it is a necessity, and preventing specific types of… Continue Reading →

Current Events: Yes, There Is A World Outside Your Locker

Current events are important, and new ones happen everyday, thus the “current”. One of the regulars for these events is Donald J. Trump, mainly because of all the controversy he causes due to some of his unpresidential words. Nowadays, current… Continue Reading →

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