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New in 90 S3 Last Episode

In this episode, we cover about ASIAC basketball & swimming, MS Talent Show, Moving Up Ceremony and more. As end of school is coming closer, this is the final episode of the season.

Humans of Middle School: Sarah

  “In my free time I like to read and sometimes play basketball with my dad in our front yard. I participated in ASIAC because my mom made the team when she was in high school. She felt that I… Continue Reading →

This is Your Chance to be Part of History!

ASIAC Season 4 officially begins tomorrow. This is the last season of the year, so make sure to try out. The AES teams have won first place in every sport in the first three seasons of ASIAC this year. Season… Continue Reading →

Double Dub for AES!

The ASIAC 2018 tennis tournament was hosted by the American School of Bombay. Sweat pours out of our perseverant players while they were fighting for each point. Watching our tennis players represent our school and chase for every ball is… Continue Reading →

Humans of Middle School: Junghwan

“It was very fun spending time with my friends and playing volleyball with people I don’t know. Although it was very awkward playing with other people, we all played good and respected each other by playing with good sportsmanship. My… Continue Reading →

News in 90 S3 EP2

In this episode of News in 90 season 3, we cover stories from MS Social, Tide Pods, Eddie in some crazy hair, ASIAC Volleyball & Tennis and MESAC!  

ASIAC Badminton

The teams walk into to the school’s gym. Everyone sees the nets lined up. All of the players take their positions on the opposite sides of the court. Then it starts. The small birdies fly in all directions, people running… Continue Reading →

ASIAC Table Tennis

It’s a competition to some but for others it is war. A table of play to them sounds like an arena. For some it is the beginning that counts, but to others it’s the finish that declares the truth. For… Continue Reading →

Asiac Music Festival Promo

You should go to the Asiac music festival because there will be great music played, for example: how to train your dragon played by band and Mewana played by band and sung by choir. Going to this event is a… Continue Reading →

Humans of Middle School: Tanush Soni!

How do you balance out MESAC tennis, and ASIAC? I do Asiac on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s and Saturday’s, and Mesac on Monday Wednesday Friday, and Saturday. On weekdays, I reach home after 7 everyday. It’s a busy schedule, but I… Continue Reading →

The Most Epic Final in ASIAC Soccer History

It was time to go head to head with the unbeatable team. Bombay. No team in the tournament had scored a goal against them, but could that change in this final match with AES going against ASB girls? Both teams… Continue Reading →

Black And Gold Day – The Start Of Spirit Week

Black and gold day started out with the parade of the teams that are playing the ASIAC tournament. There was a group of dancers and musicians leading the parade followed by Mr. and Ms. T, our Mascots, and behind them,… Continue Reading →

ASIAC Football!

As the students from Chennai and Bombay made their way along the parade route from the Peace Garden to the Tiger Turf, the crowd cheered to recognized the start of the first ASIAC tournament of the year. But as the American… Continue Reading →

7 Reasons Why You Should Go To ASIAC Soccer This Friday And Saturday

1).All the players have been practicing a tremendous amount this season. 2). It’s a wonderful opportunity to support your friends and classmates while they are representing our school. 3). It is a great opportunity to spend your time. 4). It… Continue Reading →

Spirit Week Starts Friday! #Spirit #Aesmiddleschool #awesome

This Friday and next week is Spirit Week! Show your Tiger Spirit by participating in the dress up days and lunchtime activities.

News in 90 episode 2.1

You have been waiting for it…the season premiere of season 2 of News in 90. We have a new team this semester and are excited to share whats happening in the news with you. Let us know what you think… Continue Reading →

Humans of Middle School: Maya Dhar

“Once I finished playing in all of the seasons this year, I felt very proud of myself. Looking back to my experiences in sixth grade, I think that I have been able to grow and become a lot better this… Continue Reading →

ASIAC Basketball: The Making of Superstars

The assembly before March 14th sprouted exciting boys and girls – it was announced that ASIAC Basketball would begin. On Tuesday, March 14, both girls and boys rushed from their classes, changed into their sweat absorbing shirts and rushed towards… Continue Reading →

News in 90 Episode 5 . . . Season Finale

Investigation: The Case of the ASIAC Drop Outs

This is a very serious matter, and it’s now turned into a case to investigate: The Case of the ASIAC Drop Outs. What is this very serious investigation? It occurs in almost ALL ASIAC sports every season. Every first practice, kids of different… Continue Reading →

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