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6th Grade

Student Exit Interviews: 6th Grade

Gisele Al Siyabi “I’ve been at AES for 8 years, in 5 words I would describe this school as fun, exciting and uhhhhh I don’t know. What I will miss most about here is to be here between my friends… Continue Reading →

Exit Interviews: Mrs. Nicola Takizawa

It is the end of the school year which means that we will soon have to say goodbye to a few of our favorite teachers. This year, 7 middle school teachers are leaving and over the next 10 school days,… Continue Reading →

MS Art Exhibition

Thursday, May 10: Art Show @ 3:30 in the Theatre building. If you didn’t get a chance to see the Art Show in the theater you better take a couple of minutes and go check it out! This semester our… Continue Reading →

Cricket Pick-it Challenge (Week 3 Friday Special!)

The Direct Message has stepped the game up in this week’s Cricket Pick-it Challenge! We finally have a prize for the Cricket Pick-it winner! Make sure to vote today’s game by 8 PM (IST)   Match 34: Kings XI Punjab… Continue Reading →

Shrek Jr: A (Late!) Play Review

This was it. Months of preparation were finally going to be showcased. Tremendous effort was going to be put onstage in front of an audience of hundreds of friends, family, faculty, and students. Soon, they were going to be enveloped… Continue Reading →

The DM Cricket Pick-it Challenge (Week 2)

As we head into the second week of the exciting cricket pick-it challenge, here is the game for this week! Match 24: Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) vs Chennai Super Kings (CSK) Link to the standings Vote below now! Loading…

Old memes, gold memes

MEMES are one of the most popular kind of pictures that became viral since 1940 when the first meme was made. But what’s the history of them? What’s the history behind all these brilliant pictures that became so popular around… Continue Reading →

International Women’s Day : Women push for change

March 8 is usually known as International Women’s Day. This year was was a little different. Women from all around the world showed up in the streets protesting against gender inequalities. The movement started in Spain in the morning when… Continue Reading →

Current Events: Should gun control be implemented in the U.S?

17 killed in Parkland, 58 killed in Las Vegas, 10 killed in Oregon. Certain guns should be banned from being sold in the US. Although this may cause a massive uproar, it is a necessity, and preventing specific types of… Continue Reading →

Think Again, Fellow Middle Schoolers

Look around you, fellow Middle Schoolers. What do you notice? Other than the difference in lighting and the smell of new paint – signs of change and renovation. Not the new additions to the kiosks, however delicious they are (those… Continue Reading →

Holi Madness

Saturday, February 24th, hundreds of families eagerly waited for the clock to strike 1PM, most wearing sparkly white clothes so they could lay their hands on the coloured powder. Long queues snaked around for the ticket line. Luckily I had… Continue Reading →

The Champions League is Back!

This February, The Champions League is returning. The group stages have been completed and the Round of 16 will be played this week. There were several surprises in the group stage, such as Atletico Madrid being unable to qualify despite… Continue Reading →

AES 65th Anniversary This Week

The 65th Anniversary of our school is coming this week! Are you excited? You should be! The 65th anniversary of AES doesn’t mean only that the school gains one more year of experience and a lot of beautiful memories but… Continue Reading →

Current Events: Yes, There Is A World Outside Your Locker

Current events are important, and new ones happen everyday, thus the “current”. One of the regulars for these events is Donald J. Trump, mainly because of all the controversy he causes due to some of his unpresidential words. Nowadays, current… Continue Reading →

EAL World Language Week

Last Friday was EAL’s day to sell their wonderful food from around the world, if you went to the hop, you would see the crowds around the table, pushing and pulling to find the best food for the best deal…. Continue Reading →

Mandarin Food Sale

Nihao! Yesterday was the Mandarin food sale, and it was awesome! The food was very tasty and there was almost no food left at the end. The atmosphere was very happy and everyone wanted to have a bit of everything…. Continue Reading →

Bake Sale: Español

¡Hola! Today was the bake sale for Español. All the students who take Spanish had fun selling their homemade food. Some of the foods were Churros, Bizcochos, taquitos, Virgin Sangría, Chips and Salsa, etc. As an 8th grader, I’ve been… Continue Reading →

Asiac Music Festival Promo

You should go to the Asiac music festival because there will be great music played, for example: how to train your dragon played by band and Mewana played by band and sung by choir. Going to this event is a… Continue Reading →

Pe Unit Parkour/Gymnastics

A few weeks ago my P.E. class started our Parkour and Gymnastics unit. At first I thought that I would hate this unit because I didn’t like Gymnastics. I thought that they were similar and that i wouldn’t like Parkour… Continue Reading →

Leadership Seminar!

Last Saturday was the second leadership seminar in 2017-2018. We learned about what servant leadership means. After Mr. Webster explained what it means, we swap shoes and asked each other questions to know better. Then we had a table challenge… Continue Reading →

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