drangsnes.jpgYou grew up in a small village in Iceland, and your parents never had enough money to send you to school. At the age of 12, you started working on a ship, cleaning the deck and cooking for the crew. The captain of the ship was really proud of your work and soon you were promoted to Cabin Boy. Your job was to run messages for the officers, prepare their uniforms, perhaps even fetch their dinner. You worked really hard for three years, away from home, and you came back with 800,000 króna which was not a lot, but enough to buy a bigger house.

You are only 15 years old when you and your family can finally afford to move to Reykjavík where your father gets a job and you move into a small apartment in the center of the city. You always liked football and you wanted to join a football academy, but you know it would be more beneficial to you if you went to school. Unfortunately, your family’s budget can not afford both.

Will you…

Go to school